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What Can We Do For You?

C&H Landscaping provides year round lawncare services that will insure your landscaping will continue to thrive year after year.  Our team members utilize years of experience as well as industry leading equipment and tools to provide our customers with exceptional lawncare services.

Our professionals can make your dream yard a reality. From sod to stones, irrigation and hardscapes, C&H Landscaping are experts in every facet of your outdoor living needs. Contact us for your free design consultation.

Serving Middle GA

Lawn Maintenance

We want to provide overall care to your yard year-round. Maintaining your yard yearly means keeping it manicured no matter the season. Whether that be preparing your lawn for spring by clearing winter debris, moving lawns throughout the summer or yard clean up before winter.

Landscape Design

Most of us have ideas about how we want our yard to look but how will you know until you see it? Let us help! By working together, our tea will pull your ideas together and let you visualize what you’ve been dreaming about! Let us group together plants that work well together, complement each other and look the best!

Landscaping Installation

Let us do the hard part! Once we nail down your design, we will begin to install and take care of all the back-breaking work.

Sod Installation

Our team wants your investment done right! Installing sod means removing live grass or weeds, prepping the soil, laying the new sod tightly together with no overlap and making sure your sod is well taken care of.

Fertilizer and Pesticide Programs

Are you having trouble with your yard? A detailed fertilizer plan will help meet the nutrient needs of your yard at the lowest possible cost. If bugs are an issue in your yard, just let us know! We can spray the right amount to make sure you aren’t getting bit by mosquitos or stepping in ants!

Irrigation Installation / Repair

To make sure your yard looks its best, our team can install an underground sprinkler system. It gives you, as the homeowner, much more control over when your lawn is watered and how much. There will be sprinkler heads that are strategically placed around your lawn in locations that optimize watering effectiveness and efficiency.

Accidents happen! If you have a busted pipe or someone runs over your sprinkler head, just give us a call!


The hardscape of your property consists of your driveway, walkways, fire pits and patios. Also, any solid materials used for your landscape design such as natural stone, brick, wood, asphalt and concrete pavers.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of everything you wanted. It highlights your favorite spots, illuminates walkways and creates the ambiance you’ve been dreaming of!